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Why hasn't one of my reviews been sent to NHS Digital?

For a review to be eligible to be sent to the NHS, it must have a verifiable email or mobile numbe…

What is the moderation process for NHS eligible reviews?

NHS has requested that all NHS relevant reviews be sent 'unedited' to their moderation team. Th…

How do you determine which of my reviews are eligible for NHS Friends & Family Test (FFT) submission?

A review must meet the following criteria to be eligible for FFT submission: Your company must be i…

Does Working Feedback collect FFT data?

Yes, we do. You can view the FFT data we have collected for you by: Choosing 'Analyse' from t…

Can we produce a report of FFT data that can be displayed in our reception?

You can print off a PDF report of your FFT submission data for any month through the dashboard! …

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