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Emails from Working Feedback are going straight to my junk/spam, can I fix this?

Yes, it can be quite a challlenge to ensure that important emails are reaching you and there are so many different layers of filters that unfortunately this can happen, here are a few suggestions that may help:

  1. Try adding our sender domain to your safe senders list.
  2. How this is done depends on the mail software you are using. We're using Outlook as the example, as it's the most common with business PC users.
  3. Emails specific to reviews sent by Working Feedback will have the domain @wf-securemail.co.uk so this is what we would recommend you try this with.
  4. Find one of the old Spam emails from (in this example) [email protected] . In the menu at the top click Home > Junk > Never Block Sender's Domain. A prompt box will show confirming your request, click OK and it will confirm this for you
  5. Once you've taken these steps, it should ensure that the sender will get through from now.

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