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I don't know my Google My Business login details, what should I do?

Ask around the office/practice to see if someone else set up the account. If there is no recollection of details, then there are a few ways to proceed:

  1. Get in contact with your Web Developer/SEO company. Sometimes they can set this up for you to help with your online profile. Have a brief word with them to see if this is the case for your business
  2. Get in contact with a past Web Developer/SEO company. As mentioned above, they could have set the profile up for you in the past but may have forgotten to pass on the relevant details during the changeover
  3. Use a gmail/googlemail account (personal or professional) to claim the business. If you need further information on how to do this, please refer to the following FAQ question
  4. Alternatively, we can assist you via phone or in claiming your business. We have helped many of our clients with this precise issue and have had great success in integrating Google on their behalf
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