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How do I send a BCC email request?

A BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) request allows you to add your unique review invitation address into the BCC field within your individal email sending box. Regardless of the email you are sending to your customer e.g. an invoice, by adding that address it will automatically send that contact an feedback request from Working Feedback.

  1. Go to your Dashboard directly here's the link Visit Dashboard
  2. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, select 'Collect'
  3. Click 'Ask by Email' from the drop down
  4. Choose the 'BCC Email Requests' tab
  5. Copy and paste the unique review invitation address into the BCC field of an email you're sending to a customer
  6. As soon as the email is sent, our system will send a separate email to your customer asking for feedback on your behalf
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