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I want to add more questions to my online form. How do I do this?

  1. Select 'customise' from the menu at the top, and choose 'your questions' from the drop-down menu
  2. Click the green 'I want to change these questions' button
  3. Click 'let’s begin' once you’ve read the confirmation popup
  4. On screen, the raw form of your questions will be displayed. You have the opportunity to fully customise your form here, apart from the 'review title', 'main review content' and 'improvements box' segment, which are legal requirements to have. The wording cannot be altered, they can’t be moved or deleted either
  5. Use the 'Add question' button to the right of the screen to add a new question
  6. Choose which type of question you'd like added
  7. The next screen will give you guidance on how to edit each individual question
  8. Click 'save changes' when you’re happy with the question
  9. The question will be added to the bottom of the question set by default, but you can use the arrows to the left of the questions to drag and drop the question into a different position
  10. Once you’re happy, click the blue 'finish editing' button
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